Printing & copying

Networked printing and photocopying facilities

Printing and photocopying facilities are available in selected locations across the campus. In the Libraries and Multimedia Learning Centre students can use:

  • Black & White and Colour Printers/Copiers (A3 and A4)
  • Scanning to email
  • Duplex printers (double-sided printing is the default)
  • Cash and Credit loading stations

Students can also submit print jobs over the Wi-Fi network, and manage their printing credit online.

Alumni and other visitors to the University can use the printing service from the droid machine connected to one of the multifunction devices in the Main Library.


The PrintShop located in the Main Library is a print-on-demand service providing high quality printing, binding, hole-punching, etc.

See the PrintShop for all your printing requirements including course books, assignments, reports, legislation, certificates, booklets, flyers and more.

Print requests can be submitted anywhere, anytime via the Bond University Online Print Services website.

For specialised printing requirements such as thesis printing and binding and large format posters, contact the Print Shop directly via email ( or internally on telephone extension 55833.

PrintShop Semester Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 4:00pm (closed 12:00 – 1:00pm).

Please Note:  No refunds are given on unused print/copy accounts.

Get started

  • Cash, credit and debit card loading machines are in the Main Library, Law Library and the Computer Lab Precinct
  • Printing credit can also be added to your account from the Online Print Services website

The first time you use a copier or printer you will need to choose a four digit personal identification number to use in conjunction with your student ID card.

Use the Online Print Services website to send print jobs to a campus printer over the Wi-Fi network.

Online Print Services

Using the service


B&W & Colour

Scanning Cash Loading EFTPOS
Main Library

Law Library
Multimedia Learning Centre    
Computer Lab Precinct
Size B&W printing & copying Colour printing & copying
A4 10c 60c
A4 Double Sided 16c 90c
A3 20c 90c
A3 Double Sided 32c $1.35


All photocopying and printing is self-service with card readers attached to the printers and photocopiers.

Swipe your Student ID Card through the card reader and enter your PIN before copying and when releasing a print job. The amount of money available in your copying and printing account will be displayed.

As photocopies or prints are made, the programmed cost will be debited to your account and the amount available will be recalculated.

Copying must not infringe provisions of the Copyright Act 1968. The relevant restrictions are displayed prominently on each copying and printing machine.

A copyright owner is entitled to take legal action against a person who infringes his copyright.

Unless otherwise permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, unauthorized copying of a work in which copyright subsists may infringe the copyright in that work. Where making a copy of a work is a fair dealing under Section 40 of the Copyright Act 1968, making that copy is not an infringement of the copyright in the work. It is fair dealing to make a copy, for the purposes of research or study, of one or more articles on the same subject matter in a periodical publication, or, in the case of any other work, of a reasonable portion of a work. In the case of a published work that is less than 10 pages and is not an artistic work, 10% of the total number of pages, or one chapter, is a reasonable portion.

Read the copyright guides to maximise the creation and use of resources while meeting your copyright obligations.

Copyright for Students

Copyright for Staff