Study areas & bookings

Study areas

Bond University Library provides a variety of study spaces across the Main and Law Libraries and the Multimedia Learning Centre to suit different learning styles and needs. Computer workstations, casual lounge areas, group study rooms, booths and individual study spaces are available.

Visitors are welcome to study in the libraries. Licensing restrictions prevent the University from providing Internet and online library resources to visitors. Visitors from other universities may be able to connect to eduroam using their own devices.


The Libraries and Multimedia Learning Centre have study rooms and spaces available for booking to facilitate group work and technology-enhanced learning. See the relevant sections below for the booking requirements of our study rooms and spaces.

The study rooms in the Libraries are ideal for group work and are available for Bond University students. 

Students are permitted to book a maximum of 2 hours per group per day for all study rooms in the Libraries and Multimedia Learning Centre. See booking page for additional terms and conditions. Booking confirmation emails include the room code to help you locate the room you have booked.

Main Library Small Group Study Rooms

  • Located on level 4
  • Bookings are for 2 or more people

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Main Library Large Group Study Rooms

  • Room (1) and (2) are located on level 2
  • Room (3) and (4) are located on level 4
  • Bookings are for 4 or more people

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Law Library Group Study Rooms

  • Located on level 3
  • Bookings are for 2 or more people

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The Global Links Room is located in the Multimedia Learning Centre. The primary purpose of the Global Links Room is to facilitate video-conference and technology-enhanced learning.

This specially outfitted room features state of the art computing and communication equipment designed to enhance learning. Fixtures include:

  • videoconferencing facilities
  • laptop connection
  • games consoles (X Box®, PlayStation®, and Nintendo Wii™)
  • wireless headphones
  • computer
  • digital TV

Please note general bookings may be cancelled if a video conference booking is required at that time. See booking page for additional terms and conditions.

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Digital Media Stations are in the Multimedia Learning Centre.

The workstations are for the use of digital media applications including, video editing, image manipulation, digital design, document design, 3D modelling and animation, architectural design and game/apps development.

Two of these workstations are bookable.

See booking page for additional terms and conditions.

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Located in the Multimedia Learning Centre, the Studio supports video and audio content creation and production. It is available for staff and students. The Office of Learning & Teaching offers assistance and training for the use of this facility.

See the booking page for more information.

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Alternative study spaces

In addition to study areas in the Library this table shows alternative spaces across the campus.

Location Quiet/Silent Computers Informal & Groups Hours
Main Library

Level 3
Level 4

Level 2
Level 3

Level 2
Level 4


More opening hours

Law Library

Level 3

Level 2

Level 2


More opening hours

Balnaves Multimedia
Learning Centre BLD1a​




More opening hours

Office of Learning & Teaching Foyer
    Mon-Fri 7.30am - 8pm during semester
Computer Precinct

Tutorial Rooms 22 & 23
Computer Labs 13-18

Learning Lounge
24x7 when rooms are not booked for classes

The Street

    During University teaching hours

Students and staff can request bookings of university teaching spaces via the Web Room Booking system.