Journals & ejournals

What is available?

The Library has an extensive range of online journals together with a print collection. Bond students and staff can access online journals on and off-campus.

The print journals are shelved on levels 3 and 4 of the Main Library, and on levels 2 and 3 of the Law Library, alongside the books. 

Journals can be found using Library Search.

Searching for journals & ejournals

Library Search can be used to search across the majority of journal content however, some key resources are not indexed and will need to be searched individually. To identify key resources in your discipline refer to the relevant library guide. The A-Z electronic resources list is another option for finding these. 

Library Search for finding

When you are searching for information on a topic you can refine your search results to show only articles by selecting the Content Type ‘Article’ or by choosing to show only 'Peer Reviewed Journals'.

When you have a citation to a journal article you can search using Citation Search for the authors’ names and the title of the article and perhaps a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). These pieces of information describe the article. Most eJournal content is indexed at the article level and can be found in Library Search. Where possible Library Search will link directly to the full text of an article.

If the Library does not have full text available Bond students and staff will be able to request document delivery through Library Search.

Print journal articles are not indexed in Library Search, however you can take the journal’s title, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), or DOI from the citation to search for the title level details.

In the title record you can link through to see what date ranges are held in the Library and the shelf number.

When you want to find a journal (not an article) the journal’s title and the ISSN are key pieces of information for searching. In the Advanced search you can specify ISSN and Title fields to find journals. Library Search provides links to the e-journal holdings. When off-campus or connected to the wi-fi on campus Bond students and staff will be prompted to log in. The A-Z Journals search is another option for finding a specific journal.

Using journal databases

Journal databases which index articles have their own search interfaces. These databases are often discipline specific. You can find the links to the Library’s journal databases by searching or browsing the list of electronic resources that the Library subscribes to and open access resources that the Library recommends.  

Content on the internet

Open access journals are available for free on the Internet. Most academic journals are not available without payment. The Library’s electronic resources list and Library Search include recommended open access journals as well as the high quality content that is available to Bond students and staff through the Library’s subscriptions. To find quality search results start with the Library’s resources rather than a general search engine and save time.

Google Scholar is an exception to most Internet search engines as it indexes scholarly literature only. If you connect to Google Scholar through this Bond-specific link students and staff will have the added benefit of easy connection through to the Library’s licensed content.

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