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Book overview

Author statement:
By Joan Burton-Jones

Through her book, Queenslanders All Over Joan Burton-Jones contributes significantly to an appreciation, and understanding, of Queensland’s history. Queenslanders All Over provides a diverse and wide ranging portrait of life and work,spanning approximately the past 60 years, in Queensland. Her work is geographically extensive and inclusive with stories gathered from across the State: from Brisbane and the South East Corner to the Gold Coast, the tropical far North, and the ‘outback’ of the West. Rather than merely write ‘about’ Queensland and Queenslanders, Joan has spent the past four years interviewing Queenslanders and recording their stories (over 100 of them). The storytellers speak, not only about their working lives, but also how they came to live here; they talk about their families and communities, their hopes and dreams, and about the different areas, from the city to the outback, in which they live. The resultant stories paint a vivid picture of Queensland life since the end of the Second World War to the present day, conveying not only a sense of everyday reality, but something of the romance of the place, and the diversity, larrikin humour and frontier spirit of Queenslanders.