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Off campus & technical support

Most of the Library's electronic resources can be accessed from off campus using your Bond network login. You can get help and advice about Library services and resources from off campus through the Ask A Librarian service.

Links in the Library's website, Library Search and in Resources Lists via iLearn subject sites are configured to send off-campus users via the University's single sign on system. If you locate an information resource from a source other than a Bond site you may need to search for the citation via Library Search or the electronic resources list, or you could try using the ezproxy bookmarklet to reload a page with an authenticated link.

All access issues regarding electronic resources can be reported to the Library in the first instance. The Library and IT Services work closely to troubleshoot problems, as it is not always easy to determine the cause. Your report will be investigated and referred to the best source for resolution.

Tips for troubleshooting

  • Check the library's System Status page to see if the resource you're trying to access been had a problem reported
  • Start your search from the Library website or Library Search - this will prompt you to authenticate
  • Check that the citation is in one of the following - maybe it's not in the Library's collection
  • Try again later - some resources have a limit on concurrent users. Usually you will see a message to this effect.
  • Clear your cache/cookies
  • Try a different browser

If you are still having a problem tell us:

  • Your contact information
  • Are you off-campus or using Bond's wireless network?
  • Complete citation of the resource you are trying to access
  • Specific details of the problem
    • How you got there? eg. Google, a bookmark, Library Search, iLearn link, electronic resources list, a web page
    • The device and browser you are using, and if you tried it in other browsers what happened?
    • Error messages - copy and paste or send us a screenshot
    • Have you successfully accessed this resource before?

Report a problem

If you need help with other IT problems, not related to Library services and resources please visit the University's Computing Support page for information and contact details.