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New board games

October 18, 2021

New board games


The library has recently acquired new board and card games. They are held with the others in the reserve room near the main library service desk. The new titles are:


  • Get Rich Quick - This aim in this card trading game is to accumulate wealth and avoid the taxman. Fast and loud, I’ve played this game many times and laughed a lot.


  • Monopoly Deal - If like me you enjoy the popular property trading board game but think it can take too long, then you will enjoy this quicker card game version.


  • Tantrix- Players must stay connected using hexagonal tiles with coloured lines. A mixture of skill and chance, this strategy game can be played three ways: solo, family and expert. Looks addictive.


  • Battleship - Sure to invoke nostalgic memories for some, the classic two-player naval combat game is simple and tactical. Who remembers Bill and Ted’s epic match with Death?


  • Codenames Duet - The original Codenames, a very fun and popular game also held in the library, uses one-word clues to identify secret agents. The Duet edition allows team play.


  • Taboo: The Game of Unspeakable Fun - Quick thinking with lots of laughter. Teams guess secret words without saying the obvious taboo words, e.g. guess snore without saying sleep, night, noise or nose.


  • Escape Room: The Game - This does look fun and challenging. Players must solve puzzles and riddles to escape from four different “rooms” (prison break, virus, nuclear countdown and Temple of the Aztec).


  • Snakesss- Players discuss and choose answers to multiple choice questions while the “snake” tries to charm others into choosing the wrong answer. Test your skills at deception and spotting a lie.


  • Cards Against Humanity: Everything Box - A new edition updated with current and emerging topics, sure to be a hit with the students.


  • Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition - Designed for adults and children to play together, it claims with child development experts, it is a more “acceptable” version.


  • Risk: The Game of Strategic Conquest- A replacement copy of the very popular game with armies vying for world domination. If anyone is looking for a great game to play with a group of friends, this is it.


If you’re thinking about borrowing any of these, don’t forget to also check out the existing collection. Nick’s picks include Balderdash, the Timeline games, Yahtzee, Five Crowns and Ultimate Werewolf.