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Renovate your reading lists for 2019

November 9, 2018

This year the Library has been working with teaching staff in the faculties who volunteered to pilot a new resource list service. The feedback from students and staff has been very positive.

Recommendations from the pilot have been endorsed by the Associate Deans Teaching & Learning and other members of the Project Advisory Group, as well as the ICT Governance Board. We will be rolling out this service across the University from January 2019.

For the January semester, anyone who wishes to use this service in their subject site can do so.

This new service plugs right into iLearn and transforms the way students can access and engage with the resources you recommend to them.

Benefits for students:

  • View all the resources in one place
  • Mark which ones have been read
  • Access ebooks and digitised readings directly from the list – no need to find them in Library Search or a database first
  • Keep private notes about readings
  • Chat about resources with the class and teachers
  • Suggest resources for the class list

Benefits for teachers:

  • Manage and re-use lists easily
  • Add any type of resource – video, audio, websites, books, articles – really go ahead, challenge us
  • Collaborate with other teaching and support staff
  • Rest easy about copyright compliance
  • Arrange resources flexibly by week, or topic
  • Notify the Library at any time with one click
  • See recommendations for newer editions and related articles right in the list
  • Add resources directly from your web browser, or import from Endnote or Refworks

Many subjects will have a brief list to get you started. This will typically just include textbooks and maybe a scanned article that has been used in previous semesters. It is based on what we know has previously been used for your subject.

It’s up to you to then enhance it with weekly or module sections and to turn on the list in your iLearn site. Or if you prefer you could start from scratch. Hint: Your Faculty Librarian can help get you started.

If we don’t have any records of previous subject resources you will still be able to get a list up and running very quickly.

Next Steps:

  1. Resource lists will start appearing within iLearn for 191 in coming weeks. Teachers will need to make them available before students can see them.
  2. Book a session with your Faculty Librarian to learn more.
  3. Check out these online guides