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Students choose the Multimedia Learning Centre

April 10, 2017

Multimedia Learning Centre

 Looking for a quiet place to study during your exams?  The Multimedia Learning Centre might fit the bill.

Mia Tarantini, a journalism student reports why students choose the MLC.

The Multimedia Learning Centre has been praised as one of the best places to study on campus with students from all faculties flocking to the building. Study spots such as the MLC, the John & Alison Kearney Library and the laptop bar in Building Six have become popular among students seeking a quiet or social space to study. Communication/Business student Jeffery Kieffer says that his favourite place to immerse himself in his studies is the MLC.

“It’s got a great atmosphere – everyone in there wants to get work done and if they don’t, they’re still respectful of the others around them,” he said. Jeffery said he understands that other designated study spots have been made available to students, but that he prefers the MLC above all others. “It’s nice to know that I can stay here as long and as late as I want,” he said “I can get set up and get a lot of work done in one sitting.”

Psychology student Elly Wikaire says that she finds the MLC too loud during the day, but extremely helpful for the all-night study sessions she and her friends often pull. “People tend to get super noisy in the MLC during the day, but having it open 24 hours has had a massive impact on my study habits,” she said. “Just knowing it’s there is so reassuring.”

Elly said that she loves the comfortable seating and the general creative atmosphere that the MLC has. “I feel like the building just has an air about it that screams ‘do your work’ as soon as you walk in.”

This article originally appeared in Bond Briefs Week 11 (April 2017). Article reproduced with permission of Bond Briefs.