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Copyright for Creatives

September 30, 2015

Chapter 3.4: Photographers

One of the eleven creative occupations specifically catered for in the book.


If you are a student or researcher involved in any of the creative arts or industries you will be impressed by the colourful design and user friendly content of Sharon Givoni’s Owning It: A creative’s guide to copyright, contracts and the law.  It’s a book that is long overdue for photographers, writers, architects, film-makers and anyone who produces original creative work.

Sharon Givoni demystifies the basic copyright issues important to the creative entrepreneur, such as: 

  • How to protect your work and reputation in the digital world
  • How to avoid copyright pitfalls when using the internet and social media
  • The extent of copyright protection in Australia
  • Making sense of contracts, consumer law and licensing

If copyright seems like a maze of legal limitations this book will guide you to a clearer understanding of your rights as an owner of your creative output. Givoni clearly explains ‘the working mechanics of intellectual property law’ (p. ix) with practical examples, takeaway tips  and real-life case studies from every major field of creative endeavour in clearly presented chapters headed ‘The basics’, ‘Creating your work’, The law for creatives’, ‘Your creative business’ and ‘Prevention and cure’.

You may not realise it yet, but if you create, you need this book!

Now available for loan from the Law Library - KN 112.K1 GIV 2015

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