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Library Plan

Library Plan 2019-2021

Bond University Library Services supports the University’s mission by delivering an outstanding library experience through innovative, collaborative and personalised services. We provide world class learning spaces, scholarly information resources and support for the advancement of research and partnerships.

The Library Plan 2019-2021 identifies the Library's strategies and initiatives being undertaken to support the University's strategic plan.


Here are the Library's 2021 action initiatives.

Self service loans kiosk

Deliver innovative programs attuned to industry and market needs.





Library Strategies

Ensure that the Library collections (electronic, print and document delivery) meet all student and staff requirements at the time of need.

  1. In the context of the constrained budget for databases and document delivery, continue to evaluate usage and make decisions about expenditure to best meet the University’s information needs.
  2. Participate in the Ex Libris Rapido early adopters' scheme.
  3. Investigate options to improve data in CURMIT as the source of truth about instructors and prescribed resources in order to improve Leganto resource lists processes and textbook procurement.

Ensure that the Library spaces, facilities, and services support the University’s programs and are available at appropriate times during the academic calendar.

  1. Implement processes to ensure that academics understand and comply with the use of Resource Lists for copyrighted materials, including the development of an online copyright training module.

Ensure that the design of Library services finds the right balance between face-to-face and self service options to maximize availability of services and student satisfaction.

  1. Promote the use of the new self-service loans kiosks and mobile app and ensure that patrons are confident to use them.

Provide a service orientated culture focused on outcomes.

Library Strategies

In partnership with academic staff, enhance students’ information and digital literacy skills.

  1. Support the delivery of the microcredential version of 11½ Things for Digital Literacy.

Provide first class customer service that is culturally sensitive and inclusive and ensures that all our clients feel welcome and supported.

  1. Participate in the development of the Innovate Reconciliation Access Plan (RAP) and support its implementation.

Continuously improve internal processes to improve services and/or save resources.

  1. Identify opportunities to increase revenue and decrease costs associated with student printing and the Print Shop.
  2. Identify and promote ways that Library Services can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Logo from the Bond University publication "Achievement"


Raise our reputation, brand and profile and impact of research





Library Strategies

In partnership with the Office of Research Services, expand the Research Repository to showcase
the research outputs of the University

  1. Promote the value of open access and encourage and support researchers to provide open access copies of research outputs into Pure.

Support researchers to maximise the impact of research by increasing their awareness of assessment services and tools to identify quality academic journals

  1. Expand and promote the Library's scholarly publications assessment service in collaboration with the Office of Research.

Develop and promote unique collections that showcase the University

  1. Find ways to promote Bond's unique digital collections.

Engage with external and internal stakeholders to raise the profile of Library Services and support others.

  1.  Continue to support Library placement students and any relevant internal Bond University student projects.

Promote commitment, agility, and responsiveness within our workforce culture.

Library Strategies

Provide Library staff with training and development opportunities to support their current roles and
to prepare them for the future in a continuously changing environment

  1. Continue with the successful program of fortnightly, in-house, staff development events which includes Library wide, unit wide, and individual self-development opportunities encompassing professional and personal development topics and wellness activities.

Reward excellent performance in all it’s incarnations – innovation, reliability, customer service, team work, etc.

  1. Continuously re-evaluate the Library staff awards program to ensure that it is relevant and valued by staff.


Please contact the University Librarian if you would like to discuss the Library's plan, or future initiatives in the Library.