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Open Access Publications

October 26, 2021

Have you discovered the growing collection of Bond University Open Access Publications available on the Library’s Collections platform? 

The Publications collection contains a wide variety of newsletters and magazines that literally bring the past alive with articles and photos of staff and students together with reports of their activities, social and sporting events, academic successes and innovations.   

The minutiae of University life can be explored through various publications over different periods of time commencing with Achievement which ran from the early days of Bond University’s construction in 1987 to the end of 1991 when the first Student Council was formed. 

The Arch (1992-1993) was a short-lived magazine, but provides a spotlight on the most newsworthy events of the time such as the establishment of a campus mediation service and the first Human-Computer Communications centre (HCCC) specialising in ‘human-computer interaction and use interface technology’ (p. 1 Vol 1. No.2). 

The Bond Observer, produced by the Bond Public Relations Office, appeared in 1994 and closed with a Christmas edition in 2000.  This publication covered many academic accolades and student activities as well as highlighting Bond’s growth and successes through these years.  You may even recognise a current professor or two among the numerous photos scattered throughout each issue.

The colourful Focus Magazine ran from 2001 to 2004 covering another period of rapid change and growth at Bond when ‘Think Bond’ was the marketing slogan.   The last edition in July 2004 contains milestone articles celebrating ‘The first 15 years’ of the University and the generous donation of $1 million towards the cost of constructing the new Medical School building.   

There are many more Publications series to discover and enjoy and much of the content is available to share and re-use under Creative Commons licences.  Look out for another Library Collections news article during Open Access Week 2021.