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Document Delivery continues during the Holiday Break

December 15, 2020

We want you to enjoy the upcoming break, but if you really, really need an article for your research go right ahead and submit the request.

Thanks to innovations in our document delivery service this year, requests you submit for journal articles and book chapters between 25th December and 3rd of January will be automatically processed while the Library is closed.

  • Requests for articles and chapters will be sent through to the network of Libraries that remain open when we are closed.
  • Requests for resources held by Bond Library will not be automatically processed
  • Requests that require some intervention (inaccurate citation data, requests for physical loans) will be actioned when the Library re-opens on the 4th of January.

2020 has been a year of innovations in Library Services. One of these is the new service we implemented, which is now handling over 80% of requests for articles and chapters that are not available in our subscriptions or collection.

In April the Library took advantage of the free, requesting-only service offered by RapidILL libraries to help supply resources when many Libraries around the World were forced to close due to the pandemic. RapidILL was a service we had been investigating. The pandemic initiative not only helped us find documents for you, it was a great opportunity for us to learn how it operated.

When the requesting-only period ended, we continued with the service and started fulfilling requests from our collection to other libraries. Becoming a full member of the network enabled us to implement unmediated requesting of journal articles and book chapters. If you requested something since October the 21st you might have noticed the difference.

Faster Delivery

  • Your journal article and chapter requests are sent immediately to the RapidILL network.
  • RapidILL libraries aim to supply or respond within 24 hours. It is possible you may request a resource after our office hours and receive the resource before the Library opens the next morning!
  • The average waiting time for articles and chapters has dropped from 2.75 days to 1.48 days, with many being supplied within 12 hours.

New Delivery Method

  • Personalised, authenticated links are emailed to you instead of an email attachment for requests supplied via RapidILL
  • You have 60 days and 3 chances to download the file

Continuous Service

  • Most requests are sent and supplied overnight, over weekends, and during Library closures
  • Requests for articles and chapters are sent through to the RapidILL network of Libraries across many time zones that remain open when we are closed.

Do you need a reminder on how to request resources that the Library doesn't have?

check out our FAQ