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A gift from the Library this Research Week

October 14, 2019

Libkey Nomad - a super helpful tool for journal articles

Imagine you are browsing the Internet or following a link someone sent you in Twitter or an email and you find yourself at a juicy-looking journal article but it’s behind a paywall.

You groan a little inside as you think about having to navigate to Library Search, or the A-Z list of online resources so that you can see if you can get access without flashing the credit card.

With LibKey Nomad installed in your browser, there’s a good chance it will be able to tell you how to get the full text via the Library’s subscriptions, or find an Open Access version, or give you a link to request document delivery via Library Search. And you won’t have to even think about finding the Library's website.

How good is that?

It works on hundreds of scholarly sites, and even on Wikipedia references.

Once the LibKey Nomad extension is installed it will automatically search for PDF access from library subscribed electronic resources and Open Access content from Unpaywall. The Download PDF button will appear next to article citations or if full text isn't available an Access Options button will appear which will allow you to place a document delivery request for the item. 

Go to the Chrome Web Store to install the LibKey Nomad extension on your Chrome browser. After installation, open the extension and choose Bond University from the list of institutions to ensure you get full-text access.

Note: LibKey Nomad only works in Chrome on laptops or desktops. It does not work on mobile devices such as iPads and phones.

Get it now