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Updated Library Search coming soon

March 26, 2019

Sneak preview.... er beta testing

Help us out by trying the new interface and reporting any problems. Try now

In the semester break, we will be launching an updated version of Library Search. Rather than the usual quarterly deployment of new features, this update is a major change in how the interface is managed. It offers software updates each month, which means when new features that are useful for us come along, we can enable them for you much sooner.

It will have all the features that you are familiar with, but some of them operate a little differently. One of the important reasons we are doing this is that the Library will have a greater ability to configure the system to meet our students' and staff's needs, and we can respond to emerging requirements faster.

For example, we look forward to bringing you improved support for citation styles, and the ability to search for articles within a journal title. How cool does that sound?

We would love to have your help in testing the interface. Bond students and staff are welcome to a sneak preview to try out some searches. If you find any problems that need our attention before the launch, use the link at the top of the page to report a problem. Look for "BETA - REPORT ISSUES"

  • You will be testing on live data
  • Any requests you place will be actioned by library staff, so please test this functionality only for requests you really want!

Try it now