COVID-19 (coronavirus): Latest advice for the Bond community.

Main and Law Libraries Opening 24x7

March 25, 2019

To help you prepare for your exams, the Main and Law Libraries will be open 24x7 from 29th March - 18th April (5:00 pm).  

During 24x7 opening hours: 

  • There will be access to all of level 2 (ground floor) of each library
  • Main Library group study rooms 1 and 2 will be available for booking 
  • A valid student ID card is required for access after 11:00pm Monday-Thursday and 6:00pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 
  • Security will be doing roving patrols through the Main and Law Libraries and the MLC during the 24 hour opening hours.

Security Phone: 07 5595 1234