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Top 3 Library things to do in week 1

January 11, 2019

Welcome to all the new students

We are looking forward to helping you with your research and learning. Here are the top 3 library things you can do in Week 1 to prepare for study.

  1. Find out how to get help from your Faculty Librarian.
    They will be a great help when you get stuck trying to research for your assignments. They can also get you on the right track with referencing styles, and show you how to use Endnote or RefWorks to make referencing even easier. Check out this link so you know who they are and how to book a session with them when the time comes, or how you can ask a question online.
  2. Take a sneak peek at which Library Research Guides will be helpful.
    Links to these are on the Library's Home page under "Getting Ready for Research", or just search for "Library Guides". When you are searching for books or articles in Library Search, specific guides will be recommended if we have one on that topic.
  3. Set up your student card for printing
    There is nothing worse than trying to print something at the last minute and finding that you have to set it up first. Your card must be associated with the printing system, and then you can add money into your copying/printing account.