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Precision searching with Library Search

June 10, 2022
Use the toggle to activate or deactivate search within full text

Previously, Library Search always expanded to search the indexed full text article as well as searching the data in the item record (title, author, description, subjects, etc.). This meant that some search results did not contain the search term in the item record because the term was found in the full text of the article.

As of the beginning of June a new deactivate/activate Search within full text feature became available.

Search within full text is activated by default, but with the new feature, you now have the ability to deactivate Search within full text. Meaning your search terms must appear in the item record and therefore the results returned are of greater relevancy.

See the example search results for musculoskeletal injuries childcare workers with Search within full text activated and compare the results to when you deactivate the feature.

Try it out now in Library Search.

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