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Open Educational Resources (OER)

October 28, 2021

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational and research materials that are legally permitted to be shared with everyone at no cost.  

OER can be freely used, shared, adapted and built upon in any format by staff and students.  

OER can be a single article, academic paper, video, e-textbook or mixed-media work that can be freely downloaded, edited and shared.  

OER is an important idea, a set of practices, policies, communities and content which can benefit students and educators. 

OER uses Creative Commons licences to improve access to knowledge for everyone. Creative Commons puts the 'open' in Open Access and Open Educational Resources (See this infographic). 

The Library’s Collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) is a valuable resource of Bond University publications in the form of open access text books, out of print books and discontinued journals together with some informative and useful resources about Creative Commons the network, global organisation and set of licences.  

There are a number of books by Bond University academics in the OER Books collection, including the Konnichiwa from Australia series by Prof. Masako Gavin, French Philosophers in conversation by Prof. Raoul Mortley and  Directors’ powers and duties by Prof. Jim Corkery, with the most recent addition being Prof. Dan Svantesson’s 2021, 4th edition of The Law of Obligations.  

The scholarly journal collection features titles covering a range of disciplinary topics from the popular ADR Bulletin (1998-2012) which focusses on dispute resolution and conflict management to the Public Infrastructure Bulletin (2003–2014),  to the collection’s latest addition the Culture Mandala (1994-2019) that presents in-depth studies of East-West cultural and political relations. 

The Library also has an Open Access Resources guide which is a good place to start looking for Open Access content in your discipline or area of research.