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Research workshops for Core 1 Critical Thinking & Communication students

July 12, 2021
Believe it or not image

Believe it or not! … is your very own research session with a wiz Bond Librarian who will help you access academic databases using search skills to find evidence for your CORE11-001 essay ... and you gain Beyond Bond points! 

In this 45 minute session you will: 

  • Navigate to and find quality information using Bond Library and selected academic databases 
  • Find academic research to provide evidence for your arguments 
  • Use advanced search techniques in academic databases 
  • Evaluate information using the Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Purpose (CRAP) methods 
  • Understand why acknowledging information (citing, referencing) to prevent plagiarism is so important 

Linking your work to academic evidence will show a higher level of analysis, giving you the opportunity to improve your marks! 

Four easy steps! 

Step 1.  Book an individual appointment (online or in the library) or a group session 

Step 2.  Attend the session and note the resources and search skills 

Step 3.  Complete and submit the Believe it or Not! Quizlet 

Step 4. Receive 5 Beyond Bond points!