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Resource Lists - Getting ready for a new semester

April 23, 2019

Attention Bond academic staff!

January semester (191) Resource Lists have now been locked from editing to preserve them as they were at the end of semester. You should be able to see your rolled over lists already, but remember you can always start from scratch if you think a list needs remodelling substantially. Hundreds of lists have been rolled over.

If you have not yet used the new resource list service, you are very welcome to make time with your Faculty Librarian to help get you started. Your Faculty Librarian can also visit your class early in the semester to introduce students to Resource Lists.

We know students and staff already love some of the great features such as:

  • tracking which 'readings' are still to be accessed
  • simple linking through to journal articles and book chapters without having to spend time searching for them
  • plenty of citation data to easily identify readings
  • Library team taking care of copyright checking for you
  • diversity of resource types from documents through to videos
  • CiteIt tool to minimise data entry when adding citations to a list

Resource Lists are transforming the way students and staff engage with 'readings'!

Check out the guides for easy to follow instructions and tips: