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New Library Search features

August 7, 2017

Library Search has been enhanced with the following new features.

1. Personalised Results

You can now set your discipline in Library Search so that results more relevant to you will appear at the top of the results. With the Personalised Results feature you can also select to prefer more recent items.

Pro tip: Use the Personalised Results feature when signed in to your account so that your preferences are saved for next time.

2. Resource Recommender

When searching for a database keep an eye out for the Resource Recommender. The Resource Recommender will suggest to you direct links to a database or other helpful resources such as library research guides or your Faculty Librarian.

3. Automatic synonym keyword search

Now when you search using particular keywords Library Search will automatically include additional synonyms in the search results. For example if you search for heart attack, Library Search will also include results that contain myocardial infarction

4. Multiple facets and sticky facets

Previously you could only select one facet at a time in Library Search. With the new feature you're able to include or exclude multiple facets at a time. For example, you can choose to filter your results using the Books and Main Library facet at the same time. Sticky facets will allow you to use the same facets for your whole session, each new search will apply any facets you have locked to your session.

5. RSS Feeds

For those who like to get updates when new relevant items are added to Library Search, then you'll be pleased with the new RSS feature for saved searches. Once you save a search to your Favourites you can then use the RSS feature to setup a feed for automatic updates to your search results.

6. Related reading

Sometimes it can be difficult to find information on your topic. With the new Related reading feature, when you open a record for an article you'll see a new column listing related articles. You can click on any of these to access full-text or place a Document Delivery request.

Head to Library Search now to try out these features for yourself!