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10 things you should know about the new Library System

April 20, 2015

Check out our top 10 tips for the new library system. These features will all be available from the new system after 'go live' on the Tuesday the 28th of April.

1. Increased loan limits for undergraduate students

All undergraduate students will now have 28 day loans for all standard loan items. The number of standard loan items undergraduates can borrow will also increase from 30 to 50 items.

2. One place to search - Library Search

The library catalogue, e-Journal Portal and Summon have been replaced with Library Search. With Library Search you can not only search for items physically in the library like books and DVDs, but you can also search for online resources like journals or newspaper articles.

3. Automatic renewals

If your loans are not in demand they will be automatically renewed up to a maximum loan period. This does not apply to Reserve Collection loans. Details for length of renewals will soon be available from the library website.

4. Recalls to get your hold requests sooner 

If you place a hold on an item that is out on loan it will be recalled and you will get it sooner. This does not apply to Reserve Collection loans. If you have an item on loan that is recalled, don’t panic, you will have several days to return it. Further details on minimum loan lengths will soon be available from the library website.

5. See your place in the queue

If you place a hold on an item you can view your position in the hold queue from your library account. Click on the My Library button in the scrolling sidebar on the library homepage to log into your account and then click ‘Requests’ to see your place in the hold queue.

6. Weekly library activity email makes keeping track of loans easy

You will receive a weekly library activity email to show you when items you have on loan are due back. These will be sent to your Bond student email address every Monday morning. You’ll also receive an email courtesy notice the day an item is due back.

7. Reminder emails for short loans help you avoid overdue loans and demerit points

For short term loans such as 3 hour reserve books, lockers and headphones you’ll receive an automatic email with the due date and time. Courtesy emails will be sent to your Bond student email address, so remember to check it! Pro tip: add your student email to your phone or tablet and create an alarm or timer for the due time.

8. Single Sign On to the Library System – forget about a separate library password

It’s so much easier to check your loans via your library account by logging in with your Bond IT account that we won’t be printing loan slips for you anymore. The Library will also send courtesy notice emails to your Bond student email address. Forgot the name of a book you borrowed once? Click ‘List of historic loans’ from your library account to view your loan history.

9. Demerit points will expire after 365 days

Each point will have an expiry date of 365 days from the date it was added to your account. Further details on demerit points will soon for available from the library website.

10. Find readings using Citation Linker

Got the details of a citation like a DOI? Search for it using Citation Linker. Click on ‘Citation Linker’ within Library Search, from here you can search for the details of a specific article or book. Great for finding articles on a reading list!