Bond University: The first 25 years

Released:  2014

This book vividly presents Bond University’s inspired beginning, the strain of the early years, and its subsequent growth whilst showcasing special occasions and noting some extraordinary events and successes along the way. It beautifully celebrates Bond University reaching the milestone of twenty-five years and will capture the interest of anyone who opens its pages.

Crucial errors in murder investigations

Released:  2012

Why is it that some people are convicted of murders that they did not commit, while others are not convicted of murders that they did commit?Australian Police Services are generally well funded, so something more must be involved. Just what that is, is investigated in this book.

Chinese engagements: Regional issues with global implications

Released:  2011

An essential resource for those who are interested in understanding China’s engagement in the global political economy.

Understanding family enterprise: A book of readings

Released:  2011

This collection of papers chronicles the distinctive learning experiences of Australian Centre for Family Business researchers rather than be a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of family enterprises.

Relational rights and responsibilities: Perspectives on contractual arrangements in franchising

Released:  2011

This books provides readers with enhanced appreciation of the complexities, both practical and theoretical, of the franchise relationship through diverse analyses of, and wide-ranging perspectives on, the contractual obligations of the parties within the franchise structure.

Fishing for sustainability: Will your grandchildren have the option to eat seafood?

Released:  2011

This book shows how Australian society can recognise the contribution commercial fishers make to our lifestyle. This will require us to embrace them as a vital part of our communities rather than blame them for declining catches and environmental damage.

Surviving care: Achieving justice and healing for the Forgotten Australians

Released:  2010

This book seeks to make a significant contribution to a growing body of work that charts what happened to former care residents referred to as the Forgotten Australians and what governments and others have done to address the challenges that face this now aging population.

Learning family business: Paradoxes and pathways

Released:  2010

This book explains the ways the ‘different’, even paradoxical, nature of family businesses affects how their aspiring leaders set out to learn how to manage them. The authors distil from the learning journeys of a number of successful family business leaders the common elements as four distinct learning phases – learning business, learning our business, learning to lead our business, and learning to let go.

Diary of a French Girl: Surviving intercultural encounters (2009)

Released:  2009

DIARY OF A FRENCH GIRL is the personal journal of a young French traveller who shares with us her perspectives, experiences and insights into the English Diaspora. It is a unique opportunity for Anglophones to take a look into a magic French mirror and to examine themselves through the eyes of a Francophone.

Queenslanders All Over

Released:  2009

Through her book, Queenslanders All Over Joan Burton-Jones contributes significantly to an appreciation, and understanding, of Queensland’s history. Queenslanders All Over provides a diverse and wide ranging portrait of life and work,spanning approximately the past 60 years, in Queensland.

The Law of Globalisation

Released:  2008

This book is aimed at students and other readers introducing themselves to the complexities of globalisation. It focuses on the different forms of law which create the legal infrastructure of economic globalisation and on how they interact with one another.

Justice in the deep north: a historical perspective on crime and punishment in Queensland

Released:  2003

The history of crime and punishment often reflects regional culture and politics. Queensland well illustrates this point with authoritarian politicians and regimes imposing harsh and sometimes corrupt practcies on their populace.

The Brennan Lectures 1998-2001

Released:  2003

Established in 1998 by the staff and student of the School of Law at Bond University, the Gerard Brennan Lecture commemorates the judicial career of the Honourable Sire Gerard Brennan AC KBE. Delivered biennially, the lecture presents a perspective on a contemporary legal issue to the University and the wider community.