Endnote training class

This session is part of our Researcher training series.

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic citation manager.

What does that mean?

A bibliographic citation is any reference to a book, journal article, video, or other source that you might use in an academic paper or article. EndNote allows you to manage those citations by saving, organizing, and formatting them into a bibliography or reference list in your thesis, publication or assignment.

What will it do for me?:

Imports sets of references found in database searches

Provides a place to keep unlimited number of article references associated pdfs, charts, illustrations etc along with its  abstract and research notes

Inserts references into your thesis or publication and automatically formats them in the style you have chosen

What won't it do?:

It won't teach you how to reference correctly; you need to know how to do that before using any citation manager

It won't make a correct reference if you enter incorrect data, or enter it in the wrong place

Should I use it?

If you are doing research and handling lots of references, you should be using Endnote!

It is most likely to be useful to researchers writing a thesis or preparing publication with substantial numbers of references.