Library Plan

Library Plan 2016-2018

Bond University Library Services supports the University’s mission by delivering an outstanding library experience through innovative, collaborative and personalised services. We provide world class learning spaces, scholarly information resources and support for the advancement of research and partnerships.

The Library Plan 2016-2018 identifies the activities being undertaken to support the Library's mission.

Key goals

Create dynamic Library services and spaces at the heart of the University's learning community.






Enhance the student and staff experience through state-of-the-art Library services.

  1. Engage with students and the wider university community in the design and delivery of the Library’s services.
  2. Create personalised scholarly information experiences for students and staff.
  3. Re-imagine the Library’s service model to meet the changing needs of students and staff.

Design dynamic learning spaces that inspire creativity and scholarship.

  1. In conjunction with the Faculty of Law develop a plan to transform the Law Library into an inspiring and stimulating learning environment.
  2. Review and redesign the Main Library service desk space to improve the customer experience.
  3. Review Library Services facilities to ensure a balance of individual and collaborative spaces in alignment with customer needs.

Expand engagement through partnerships and collaboration.







In partnership with academic staff, expand and strengthen Library Services educational impact to enhance students’ information and digital literacy skills.

  1. Work with Faculties in developing innovative learning initiatives that integrate information literacy into the curriculum.
  2. Promote, develop and adapt e-learning resources to increase flexible learning opportunities.
  3. Extend Library Services presence in the Faculties to increase awareness of Library Services expertise and resources.

Increase Library Services influence as a key partner in the learning, teaching and research environment.

  1. Increase effective communication by strengthening liaison services with students and staff.
  2. Measure, evaluate and continuously improve the impact of Library Services communication channels.

Develop partnerships to contribute to the University’s  strategic priorities.

  1. Increase Library Services participation in the Higher Degree by Research program.
  2. Expand the liaison program with key stakeholders, including Research Services, Information Technology Services, the Office of Learning and Teaching, Student Learning Support and Student and Academic Services.
  3. Work with Student Learning Services to develop an integrated approach, supporting academic literacy goals.

Deliver innovative access to global scholarly information.







Provide innovative access to current and relevant scholarly resources to support learning, teaching and research.

  1. Improve collection management practices to ensure print and digital information resources are closely aligned with learning and teaching.
  2. Increase student and staff involvement in developing Library Services portfolio of global information resources.
  3. Enhance access to and discoverability of Library Services information resources.
  4. Use evidence based practices to inform the development and management of Library Services information resources.

Improve the impact of the University’s research outputs.

  1. Expand the Research Repository to showcase the scholarly output of Bond research.
  2. Increase support for open access and open data initiatives.

Build, preserve and promote the unique collections in the Bond  Archive.

  1. Increase staffing, resources, software and space for the Bond Archive.
  2. Increase accessibility of special collections through expansion of Library Services archival collections.

Enhance the University’s standing and influence through scholarly research support.






Support scholarship through all stages of the research cycle.

  1. Contribute to data management planning in conjunction with institutional, national and international services.
  2. Provide an integrated approach to research support across Library Services.
  3. Continue to develop best practice in meeting the University’s research reporting and assessment requirements.

Provide expertise in the selection and implementation of an innovative research information management system (RIMS).

  1. Be an expert partner in the implementation, training and management of a new RIMS.

Adopt strategic changes that align with national and international research policy initiatives.

  1. In collaboration with the research community, incorporate emerging practices and initiatives in scholarly and open access publishing.

Heighten awareness of available Library resources and support for researchers through collaboration.

  1. Improve engagement with Faculties through formal and informal activities.
  2. Work with Research Services to provide deeper support for interdisciplinary research.

Strengthen Library Services to thrive in a continuously changing environment.






Reward innovative thinking.

  1. Recognise excellent performance and celebrate successes.
  2. Implement an awards program.
  3. Ensure active engagement in the Professional Development Review program.
  4. Work with key University stakeholders to improve human resources processes.

Invest in training and development of Library Services staff.

  1. Support and deliver professional development including mentoring and coaching opportunities.
  2. Ensure all Library Services staff attend relevant networking, training and staff development on an annual basis.

Increase Library Services organisational development to respond to an ever-changing environment.

  1. Enhance the organisational culture of Library Services through team building, leadership development, performance management, and other strategies.
  2. Audit staff skills and identify potential new skills required.
  3. Develop the expertise of Library Services staff to deliver new initiatives.